Bridgeport Trade & Technology Center (BTTC) is Connecticut's largest multi-tenanted smart building ready for new and established businesses. With over 550,000 square feet, it is now home to over 50 companies and organizations from 400sf to 40,000sf . That's why warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, service, educational and non-profit businesses have chosen to locate and grow at BTTC Bridgeport, Fairfield County's premier business incubator. Highly configurable space starts as low as $4.50 per square foot.


    How about low-cost labor, enterprise and free trade zones, broadband communications, excellent transportation links, ample parking and federal, state and local assistance? All in a building that offers room to grow at a price that fits your budget.

You owe it to yourself. Visit the Bridgeport Trade and Technology Center.

    Smart suites start at $650 per month and include parking and utilities. With over 550,000 square feet, BTTC Bridgeport can accommodate businesses and organizations of almost any size, large or small. Internet fiber-optic technology and state-of-the-art shipping and receiving facilities make BTTC Bridgeport ideal for tenants with both web-based and production/distribution requirements.

We're Focused On Your Success.

    From artists to manufacturers, the 50-plus companies who make up BTTC can't say enough about it. Together these companies have found their chances for success improved by the location of the Center. For more than 15 years, BTTC has helped almost 200 new companies get started in Fairfield County. By continually improving the facility in areas like information technology BTTC continues to be the prudent choice for new and existing small business in the area.
    Residents of the Center share ideas from production problems to sales. Most companies when asked why they located at BTTC, will respond: "the facility met my needs, but the people are why I came." This interaction among companies is why the Center has become well-known among local entrepreneurs. A communal, collegial environment fosters productive creativity in Connecticut's largest incubator.
    Finally there's an economic solution to high-priced office and industrial space in Fairfield County. Contact Us at The Bridgeport Trade and Technology Center, (203)-579-0551, to confugure a solution that meets your requirements.
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