Kevin Reed- BTTC Building Director Got an idea or are you already in business for yourself? The largest business incubator in the state of Connecticut maybe able to help. The Bridgeport Trade and Technical center (BTTC) has been around for 28 years.

My name is Kevin Reed and I have had the privilege of being the building director since 2001.

What is BTTC? It is a group of forward thinking entrepreneurs who have chose to locate their business in the Historic former home of Singer sewing machine. The complex at any one time can find itself the home for 60 to 100 of these companies. Uses cross all boundaries from commercial kitchens ( I can smell the biscotti baking right now ) to Pharmaceuticals and craftsmen. A large portion of the building is devoted to educational applications having previously been the home of Housatonic Community College.

The likelihood is if you have outgrown your current location or just wont to move the business out of your home our flexible leasing nature will fit your needs. One way we differ from other locations is our willingness to assist in your growth. Companies starting need the ability to ramp up the size of their space as the company grows the complex facilitates this through volume and diversity of space. A firm wonting to double in size does so by moving into the larger unit in a month’s time and returning their old space back to inventory in broom clean condition . During the month of the move the rent on the smaller unit is forgiven so you are not paying double rent.

Other things like no personnel guarantees allow you the peace of mind should the venture not work out you will not have to worry about your car or kids college fund. Overall the attitude here is we all succeed together. That’s what makes life here different. No us against you, Landlord tenant baggage. So if you’re interested come join the hundreds of happy peppy people here at the island of misfit toys.