The tenancy at the Bridgeport Trade & Technology Center represents a cross section of Connecticut business. This diverse group of companies share one common bond: the need to grow in Southern Connecticut. BTTC facilitates growth with flexible floor plans and lease rates. Some of the other benefits of locating at the Center include networking with other tenants, location in Fairfield County and the availability of Bridgeport-based business incentives at both the State and local levels.

Tenancy at Bridgeport Trade & Technology Center


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health food
  • Musical instruments
  • Lighting
  • Glass
  • Printing
  • Non-profit organizations


  • Custom curtains
  • Specialized glass and woodworking
  • Artists


  • One of the state’s top charter high schools
  • A regional high school for the Arts
  • Adult training groups

From artists to manufacturers, the 60-plus companies who make up BTTC can’t say enough good things about it. Together, these companies have found their chances for success improved by the location of the Center. For more than 15 years, BTTC has helped almost 200 new companies get started in Fairfield County, and by continually improving the facility in areas like information technology it will continue to be the prudent choice for new and existing small business in the area.

Residents of the Center share ideas from production problems to sales. Most companies when asked why they located at BTTC, will respond: “the facility met my needs, but the people are why I came.” This interaction among companies is why the Center has become well-known among local entrepreneurs. The Center’s management recognizes the need for a “first impression” and facilitates this interaction in many ways. Quarterly luncheons are held to allow new faces to meet the existing tenants. New tenants are also encouraged to hold a getting-to-know-you event with the assistance of the BTTC staff. This communal environment fosters productive creativity in Connecticut’s largest incubator of its kind.